For Whom?

It’s been almost a month since my last blog post and frankly, I haven’t been inspired to write about anything. Part of my lack of passion has to do with life just getting in the way. I was sick for three weeks, I was helping Mom after yet another surgery and dealing with a sick cat and tests and medications. Yes, I do lead a busy, glamorous life.

During this time of writing inactivity, it got me to thinking about why I have a blog. For whom am I writing anyway? Of course, the primary person for whom I write is myself. But lately, it seems that the only people who comprise my reading audience are myself and my friend and fellow blogger, Adele Uddo. I’ve told Adele this many times, but knowing that she not only reads my blog but takes time to comment means so much. Writing is a solitary act and it feels even more so when you sense that no one is paying attention or gives a damn.

A more self-confident, evolved human being wouldn’t care if anyone else was reading, let alone enjoying, his or her words. Alas, I’m not that person. I try to be entertaining when writing these blog posts and I think that on the whole, I do a pretty good job. But, I find it hard to muster up enthusiasm to be witty or wise when, aside from Adele, I feel like I only hear crickets in response.

Don’t get me wrong. The purpose of this post isn’t to guilt anyone into leaving a comment. I just wanted to talk a little bit about what’s going through my head and why you haven’t seen posts from me. Will I continue with this blog? Who knows. What I do know is that I need to want to write it for myself more than I do at this moment.

7 thoughts on “For Whom?

  1. Keep going Kelly. You write, I draw. Both for the same reasons I’m betting, sometimes just to vent & release stuff that you’ve been penting up! With me, sometimes my drawings mean something deeper than the observer can even see. Sometimes it’s just a kaleidoscope of colours! I’m betting you can relate to that with your writing.

    And yes. Sometimes our lives get in the way 🙂

  2. Kelly, one of the reasons I respond so frequently is that ever since I started writing (and before that), I’ve felt a strong longing for community…a reflection of my humanity in the eyes/hearts of others. I personally don’t view this desire for connection as “unevolved”, but more of a universal need that gets played out and expressed differently in all of us. For me, the trick is not to take it personal when people don’t respond -god knows we’re all busy as shit these days. Anyway, you can count on me for a comment…and if I get overwhelmed by life, please know it’s no reflection on you 😉 And PS – I sincerely appreciate your regular comments on my blog!

  3. I like your notion about the sense of community, Adele. It makes a lot of sense and it does resonate. It is hard not to take it personally when people don’t comment. It’s not so much the people I don’t know, it’s the folks with whom I have some kind of relationship, either in “real” life or just online. When some of those people have never commented on the blog or even acknowledged in any way that I have a blog, it hurts my feelings. I admit it.

    Thank you again for being my best cheerleader and for being my friend. As for your blog, it’s my pleasure to comment.

  4. LOL, ffig. How did I not remember you had a blog? I’m ashamed of myself. (Running over there ASAP.) 😉

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